Katniss – Hunger Games


                                                                  Frank Cho: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from Hunger Games.

Today is my sweet daughter’s birthday. I can’t believe my little baby is 11 years old today. Happy birthday, Samantha!

My daughter, being a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, wanted a drawing of Katniss from the Hunger Games. Now, my daughter never asked for my art nor, to my knowledge, expressed any interest in what I did for a living. So I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me to draw her a picture. To make sure I don’t disappoint her, I set everything aside this week and focused on this ballpoint pen portrait. I literally finished this portrait last night and in process of getting a nice frame for it. I’m gonna surprise her today with it.

Here’s my birthday gift for my daughter, Samantha – Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from Hunger Games.

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