Pants On, Pants Off Wonder Woman


                                                                              FRANK CHO – Wonder Woman new costumes. 

Here’s the second of the three convention sketches I did at MegaCon, The Joys of Being Wonder Woman During the Costume Reboots.

The 3 sketches were: Wonder Woman, Mary Jane and Vampirella. All were done on a 14″ x 21″ Bristol board with pencil and ink for the word balloon. The 4th one I couldn’t finish in time. (Sorry Dave M. I’ll make it up to you at Chicago C2E2.Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to scan the third one – Vampirella – having troubles with her high heels. But I think the happy owner of that piece will scan it himself and post it on the internet soon.

(Special thanks to Brandon Peterson for scanning these sketches at the convention.)

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Frank Cho