Facebook Censors and Suspends Frank Cho



                                                         FRANK CHO: Jungle Queen BOOM

Well, it happened again. Facebook lowered the boom on me. They censored my art and suspended me for 3 days.

The art in question was a drawing of topless Jungle Queen hanging onto a flying Pterodactyl. Yes, you’ve heard correctly – a DRAWING of a topless woman.


America is very backward and goes against common sense in some ways. You can show people getting killed, tortured, and maimed in most violent ways but you can’t show nipples on a woman because that’s crossing the line.

I worry for this country.

The good news is that all the censored art will be in my new Jungle Queen themed sketchbook called “Savage Beauty”.

It’s a 64 page book of all the naked women art that Facebook don’t want you to see. (Limited print run. $20 per copy.)

I’ll be selling the sketchbook at San Diego, Boston, and Baltimore Comic Cons.

For all you foreign fans, Stuart Ng Books (http://stuartngbooks.com/) and Bud Plant Comic Art (http://www.budplant.com/) will carry them after San Diego Comic-Con. You can order your copy through them.

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Frank Cho