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Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Frank Cho, Madman, original art
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I’m still recovering from the Chicago Wizard World Comicon. It’s unbelievable how much work piles up in such a short time.

This here’s a forgotten art from Dave Colombo’s vast art collection. (And I do mean vast. It’s like the freakin’ Smithsonian for comic and Simpson art.) It’s my unfinished Madman pinup that was originally intended for Mike Allred’s artbook. For whatever reason, I abandoned it during the pencil stage. (The figures didn’t look right to me and I had trouble capturing the girl’s likeness.)

The “Toaster Fight” image was finished and published instead.

Dave bribed me to ink the Madman figure when I was in Iowa, signing at Mayhem’s Comic shop in Ames many moons ago.

I don’t know what he bribed me with, but it gotta been good.

— Frank Cho

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