Announcement: Cavewoman Anniversary Miniseries by Frank Cho and Budd Root

Frank Cho Cavewoman
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Many may not know this but Budd Root and I’ve planning a giant Cavewoman Anniversary miniseries for the past couple of years. As matter of fact, I’ve been negotiating with Budd and Image Comics to set up a Jungle Queen line of comics with Budd and I as the main editors, writers and artists, with this anniversary Cavewoman miniseries as a launching board. It’s still too early to report but things are being set in motion.

Frank Cho


Budd Root wrote:
I’m really surprized that Frank let the secret out, but since he did. I’d like to let everyone know that Art Adams & Richard Corben will do (at least) alternate covers. I’m still begging William Stout to jump in as well, so keep yer fingers crossed! The only snag that’s really holding things up is the fact that the main stream suits don’t wanna have Shanna & Meriem kissing on issue one’s cover. Damn stuffed shirted SUITS! WHAT’S IT GONNA HURT!!!!

Frank Cho wrote:

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