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More Ultimates sneak peek

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Frank-Cho Captain-America New-Ultimates
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More Ultimates sneak peek.

Captain America, Valkyrie, and Zarda!

A brief pause before they join the melee.

— Frank Cho

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Valkyrie page from New Ultimates #4

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Ultimate Valkyrie, art by Frank Cho
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I got back from Belgium on Monday and still jet-lagged as hell.

The two conventions, Germany’s Essen Game Convention and Belgium’s FACTS convention, were fine and entertaining. However the travel for the show was pure hell. It was the worst travel experience that I had ever had. From canceled/delayed fights to grueling and endless train rides, these experiences have made me rethink my future European convention trips.

For the record, US Airways is the most incompetent and shittiest airline operating today. The flight to Europe and flight home from Europe were both delayed and ultimately canceled. The travel time from Baltimore to Brussels, Belgium was 24 hours. Unreal. Combined that with running around in Belgium’s train stations carry 100 pounds of luggage and books, with no one to guide you, for hours at a time, you can understand my frustration.

However, the fans were great. I just wished the travel plans were better handled.

Enough venting. I’m back home now – tired but in one piece. Time to sleep and get back on schedule.

Here’s the Valkyrie page from the New Ultimates #4 that just came out in stores.

Frank Cho


New Ultimates: Valkyrie

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Valkyrie, pencil sketch art by Frank Cho
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Working on the final New Ultimates issue, where Valkyrie wreaks havoc. I’m having a blast drawing the carnage and destruction.

I’ve also been oil painting on the side when I get bored with drawing comics. I’ll post those up later as the paintings progress.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Frank Cho