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Cavewoman official facebook page (about time!)

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ut infra

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:53 pm    Post subject: Cavewoman official facebook page (about time!) Reply with quote


and Kevin added:
It is still a work in progress but I am going to start using that site instead of the Yahoo Group pretty soon.  I strongly encourage you to go there and sign up!  Actually, I am begging you to do it!  I will try to update more frequently on release dates and other publishing news and you can see covers and art much faster.  You can actually SEE the covers right there instead of clicking on a bunch of links in the messages.  PLEASE check it out, like it and also give suggestions (via email to me) if you have any.  As the world knows, you can make comments on any posts we do but if you are asking ME a question, it is far better to email at    Budd doesn't do a lot of posting on his own Facebook page, so I doubt he will be posting anything here.  Not sure if Rob or Devon will.   If we have artwork to sell or other exclusive items, I plan to post on Facebook FIRST.

And now for some shitty news...

An upcoming Cavewoman book that is now being ordered through the comic shops is Cavewoman Recovery - a One-Shot from Rob Durham.  Cover F of that book is done by Conny Valentina.  The order forms that the comic shops see have the correct information but we think the printed catalog (Diamond Previews) that are available at your local store to view and order from has a DIFFERENT artist name.

The cover which I have posted below is done by the super talented Conny Valentina.  We had a change of covers (and artist) and changes were made WAY the hell in advance, but Diamond got it wrong in the printed version of Previews we are told.  Online ordering shows the proper name.

I totally apologize to Conny on this.  The image is below (and wait to see what she did for the next month...WOW!).


View on

Preview by Yahoo

Okay, aside from that massively embarrassing news, there are shipping rate changes for our international mail order customers.  Not our shipping increases - its the Post Office.  We can ship 1 - 12 comics for the following new rates.  (again, this is the Post Office charging these rates, we don't make a penny on shipping).

Canada and Mexico 20.85   The rest of the World is 25.25.   So, when ordering on the website I will contacting each international buyer, as I always do, to work out the extra shipping and I will be quoting the above numbers.  Larger number of books, as always, are dealt with on a case by case basis due to the weight.  But for 1 to 12 books, the above quotes stand.

And finally, we just got in a limited supply of the Heroes Con 2015 Convention Book that Budd took to the show.  This particular version will not be sold to the comic distributors.  They will have a different version to sell to collectors later on (we will carry that also).  We will have more of the book that Budd took to the con at a later date, but for now we got in a small batch.  Signed by Budd of course.

And I think that is it,  Please please please check out the Facebook page!

Thanks, Kevin

One Click on the image to zoom in ------------- Double-click on image to zoom out
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Jake Capps

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We have had fun over at the Fan Group for a few years now.  You might want to be careful on the art you put up on Facebook.  They have a habit of taking it down, and suspending groups for short amount of time.
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