Covers: Death of Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk #629

Frank Cho death of spider-man
FRANK CHO – Death of Ultimate Spider-man

Busy day today. I have more cover work from Marvel and I’m being interviewed for a German magazine.

This past weekend, I’ve finished two of my favorite covers that I’ve done this season – Death of Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk #629. For fun and to challenge myself, I’ve used two completely different drawing techniques to illustrate the two covers.

Since these two covers haven’t been published yet, I can only show small portions of the images. The Spidey cover was done in pure pen and ink technique, and the Hulk cover was done in gray ink wash. Both presented unique challenges. They were very labor intensive and any mistakes were unforgiving but the end results were well worth the hardship.

Once Marvel publishes the covers, I’ll post the full scans of the original art in their entirety.

–Frank Cho


Frank Cho hulk
FRANK CHO – Hulk #629