2011 Baltimore Comicon – Cho Crap For Sale

Frank Cho - art print
FRANK CHO – Art Prints – click to enlarge

Welcome to my super late Wednesday art blog.

I spent all day finishing and scanning my Valkyrie cover for Marvel. And all evening organizing my storage space looking for rare leftover art prints to sell at Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend. The good news is the basement is now organized, but the bad news is I’ve only found half the art prints that I was looking for.

So here’s the revised list of crap that I’m selling at Baltimore Comicon:

*Muse Book 1, signed and numbered – $15
*Brandy Art Print, signed and numbered – $20 (Limited supply. These are the leftovers from San Diego Comicon. We only have about 30 prints left.)
*Paris Hardcover art book – $25 (Limited supply. These are the leftovers Art Exhibit books from my first Paris Art show last year. Less than 50 copies left.)
*Scarlet Witch Official Marvel Print -$10 (Super limited supply – 6 prints left)
*Shanna the She-Devil 01 Official Marvel Print – $10 (Super limited – 3 prints left)
*Shanna the She-Devil 02 Official Marvel Print – $10 (Super limited – 5 prints left)
*Tomb Raider Print – $10
*Tiffany Taylor Print – $20 (Limited supply – 15 prints left)
*Quiet Bullets Chap Book – $10
*Nude Brandy float pens – $5

And yes, I will have my final Art Challenge of the year on Sunday 1 PM at Baltimore Comicon. I will draw whatever the audience wants, live on stage. The audience will pick ONE character, ONE setting, ONE action and I’ll draw it in ONE hour. The original art will be raffled off at the end. Raffle tickets will be sold at at my booth. Each raffle ticket is $5.

Also to all my completist fans out there looking to fill the holes in their collections, I just found out “Cards, Comics and Collectibles” is bringing old and rare merchandise of mine from past years.

See you all this weekend at Baltimore Comic-Con

Frank Cho

Frank Cho -  Tiffany Taylor art print
FRANK CHO – Tiffany Taylor art print – click to enlarge