Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho

Friday — May 29th, 2015

Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho

Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho

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Spectrum Fantastic Art Live – Report

Frank Cho with Daren Bader at the 2015 Spectrum Fantastic Art Live convention
Frank Cho with Daren Bader at the 2015 Spectrum Fantastic Art Live convention. Click to view larger image

First of all big thanks to John Fleskes, Arnie and Cathy Fenner for putting another stellar show this year. From start the finish, it was a blast.

I came in a bit late into Kansas City on Friday due to mechanical problems on the plane I was on. But once I got on the convention center, it was smooth sailing.

FRIDAY was short and sweet. I quickly set up and got to meet my fans and friends. I was very fortunate to sit at the Flesk Publications booth with top notch talents – Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz, Daren Bader, Bill Carman, Brom, Aaron Lopresti, Craig Elliott, Karla Ortiz, Jim and Ruth Keegan, Ian McCaig and Steve “The Dude” Rude. Now the only down side of sitting at the Flesk booth was that everyone was over 6 feet tall. I felt like Tyrion Lannister throughout the show sitting side-by-side with these literal giants of the field. We capped the wonderful evening with a nice BBQ dinner at Jack Stax restaurant. (My cholesterol level went through the roof that night.)

SATURDAY was a blur. I was recovering from my jet lag and the insanely delicious BBQ dinner. I did Flesk Publications panel where we announced our current and future projects at Flesk Publications. (Flesk is publishing “World of Payne” by me Tom Sniegoski when I finish my Marvel project.) John Fleskes moderated the fun and lively panel. (Bill Carman may look like a Shaolin monk but he’s one of the funniest man in Idaho.) Back at the table, I was able to do a inked King Kong drawing for a long time fan, Aaron.

The prestigious Spectrum Awards ceremony was held that evening in a nearby theater where the Fenners and Fleskes revealed the new Spectrum award statue, the Muse. The new award statue was exquisitely sculpted by the super talented duo, Colin and Kristine Poole. You can see the awesome award statue here:

Congrats to all the winners.

SUNDAY started with a bang for me. I overslept and had to rush over to my panel, Work for Hire vs Creator Owned Properties. I was joined on stage by Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz and Aaron Lopresti, and moderated by the lovely Shena Wolf. Needless to say, I was the shortest one on stage. The panel discussions ranged from working on other companies properties (Yes, if the money is right) to doing a creator owned project (make sure you’re financially sound). At the end the conversation turned to which movie was better – Brave, Tangled or Frozen. (The correct answer was Tangled, hands down.)

All in all, Spectrum Fantastic Art Live is one of most laid back, unique and friendliest shows in the country. And I can wait to do it again next year.

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Gene Ha’s Kickstarter Project – Mae

Frank Cho stretch goal art print for Gene Ha's Kickstarter Project MAE
Frank Cho: stretch goal art print for Gene Ha’s Kickstarter Project MAE. Click to view full image

My buddy, Gene Ha, is doing his very first Kickstarter project called Mae. And it’s in its final week of the of the pledge drive.

Mae is a story of a young woman who is reunited with her long lost sister, Abbie, who has journeyed back from a magical fantasy world. Unfortunately she accidentally brought back magical creatures along with her.

One of Mae’s final stretch goals is an art print by me. If the project reaches the $65K mark, everyone will receive my art print. So show your support and pre-order this fun and magical graphic novel, Mae.

Also this weekend, I’ll be at Kansas City, Missouri, for the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! I’ll be sitting at the Flesk Publications booth. So swing by and say hi

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Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, May 22 – 24

Frank Cho Black-Widow sketch cover
Frank Cho: Black Widow sketch cover. Click to view full image

Attention, art fans, art collectors and nude models. I’ll be at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City, Missouri this weekend with some of the best artists in the business. And I do mean the best.

I’ll be sitting at the Flesk Publication booth with Mark Schultz, Gary Gianni, Jim & Ruth Keegan, Aaron Lopresti, Bill Carman, Daren Bader, Ian McCaig, Victor Ngai, Steve Rude, Craig Elliott, Karla Ortiz and Brom. (I’ll be the easiest one to spot. I’m the shortest one at the table. I’m the Tyrion Lannister of the group.)

I’ll be selling my “Drawing Beautiful Women, The Frank Cho Method” and maybe do an OUTRAGEOUS sketch cover or two at the show, depending how busy I am. (My sketch covers are $800 per cover. So start saving your nickels, son.)

Hope to see you guys there.

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