Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho

Friday — July 1st, 2016

Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho


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Art Commissions At Supanova, Australia

Frank Cho: Goblin Queen commission
Frank Cho: Goblin Queen commission – Click to view full image.

Supanova Comicon in Perth and Sydney, Australia, has been a blast. Australia in general must be the friendliest country in the world. The people were generous, upbeat and down-right nice. The show itself was well organized and fun. This trip has been simply wonderful.

I’ve stayed busy throughout the two shows, Perth and Sydney. I managed to do 10 art commissions during the shows. I forgot to take photos of all the art but here are two of the finished art commissions that I remember to take photos of.


Frank Cho: Gwen Stacy commission
Frank Cho: Gwen Stacy commission – Click to view full image.


Supanova Comicon, the Sketch-Off Panel

Frank Cho: Groot sketch
Frank Cho: Groot sketch – Click to view full image.

This past Sunday at Supanova Comicon at Sydney, I was part of a weird and funny panel, the Supanova Sketch-off. This panel consisted of me, Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin and Cully Hamner. The audience would call out a character, however ludicrous or silly, for us to draw on stage. All of us had 30 minutes to crank out this sketch while they filmed us. No pressure. After much back and forth, the audience chose “Sexy Swamp Thing” and away we went.
Arthur and Joyce drew a female Swamp Thing. Cully went one step further and drew female Swamp Thing in a black lingerie. I decided to think outside the box and drew Groot looking at a nude spread of Swamp Thing. The audience loved all the drawings. You’ll probably see some of the drawings posted online soon.

And… I just heard, we’re doing the sketch-off in Perth, too. Again, no pressure.


Supanova Comicon at Sydney, Australia

Frank Cho: Death commission
Frank Cho: Death commission – Click to view full image.

Things are going great here in Supanova Comic Con. I’ve just finished the first half of the Supanova Comicon, the Sydney portion. Now I’m on my way to do the second half at the city of Perth which is on the other side of the country.

Fans and the organizers are absolutely marvelous. I’ve taken a very small commission list and diligently been working on them throughout the show. Here’s one of the few commissions I remembered to take a photo of: Death, from the Sandman series.

I’ll try to post more as the show progress.