Zombie King Lives! New Art

FRANK CHO Zombie King art
FRANK CHO – Zombie King art – click to enlarge

Zombie King was a horror comic that I wrote and drew about 6 years ago. (Yes, the cow-f@$%ing story.) I had the entire story written and published one issue (Issue #0) through Image Comics before real life got in the way.

Well during those 6 years when Zombie King lay dormant, lot of things happened. Zombies became one of the hottest entertainment topics, largely in part to the success of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s Walking Dead comic book and TV show. My forgotten Zombie King story was revisited.

Enter David Jacobs, my buddy, who helped me make my first short horror film, “Doctor Rossum’s Prodigal Son”, which was my try-out for a directing gig. (This short horror will debut at the SPECTRUM FANTASTIC ART LIVE SHOW in Kansas City, Missouri on May 18 – 20 spectrumfantasticart.com/spectrumfantasticartlive

David spearheaded my Zombie King story beyond the comic book realm.
With his help, new business connections were made which opened doors to new possibilities. I can’t tell you more but if everything pans out, expect new life in my Zombie King story.

Yup. 2012 will be an interesting year for me. Watch for more news as things unfold.

Here are two new art from the revised Zombie King project.

Frank Cho

FRANK CHO Zombie King art
FRANK CHO – Zombie King art – click to enlarge