Wolverine Weekend

Wolverine Savage FRANK CHO
FRANK CHO – Savage Wolverine #1 art – click to view full image

Hurricane Sandy came and went, and things have settled down for the most art. The tree that landed on house during the hurricane was removed from my house and carpenters are coming in this week to start the repair. Luckily, the damage to the house was moderate. The gutters are completely destroyed, some holes on the roof top and the entire sidings need to be replaced, but all things considered, it could have been worse.

So now, all I can do is sit tight, wait for the repairs to be done, and focus on Wolverine.

I just finished the massive double page spread of Wolverine and Shanna battling the cannibal horde. I’ve been picking at it for about 3 weeks, on and off. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the double page spread in its entirety but I can show you a small part of it.

The original art is 22.5″ x 28.5″ on Bristol board, vellum surface. Inked with Micron Pigma pens, sizes 08 and 01 with some brush work.


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Frank Cho