When Trikes Attack!

Frank Cho - - Guns and Dinos, page 6
FRANK CHO Guns and Dinos – click to enlarge

It’s Guns and Dinos again for me this weekend. My mind was just not into the Frankenstein piece this weekend. Instead of finishing up the Frankenstein illustration, I worked on my creator-owned project, Guns and Dinos.

I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone here. These Guns and Dinos pages are for the movie pitch packet and upcoming comic book mini-series. Ideally, I would present the full finished comic book to the studio in a pitch meeting but I don’t have time to do a full comic book. So I’m illustrating the key points in the story and making a condensed booklet for the pitch meeting. Later on, I’ll reuse these pages and finish the comic book mini-series.

It’s funny, as I’m drawing these pages, I realized that I love drawing dinos but hate drawing guns.

–Frank Cho