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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Frank Cho Star Wars Oola sketch
click on image to enlarge

Here are couple of sketches for my up coming Star Wars pin-up project.

All the major characters were taken so I had to chose from the minor characters pool. Quite frankly, I wasn’t too happy. I rather be drawing Princess Leia in a slave bikini than some background alien dancer who gets fed to a giant dungeon monster. But as I invested myself into the drawing, my disappointment turned into joy.

Don’t get me wrong, I still could care less for the character. My joy was trying to capture the sense of movement in this dancer in my drawing.

I think I came close with these two sketches.

— Frank Cho

Frank Cho Star Wars Oola sketch
click on image to enlarge

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MegaCon Is AWESOME!!!

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Slave Leia: art by FRANK CHO

FRANK CHO – Slave Leia commission – click to view full image

My comic convention season started with a bang. I just want to thank Beth and Christine for running yet again another great MegaCon.

I completely sold out of all my Women Book 2 art books. I brought 3 big boxes of that book and they were all sold out by Friday evening. Wish I brought more.

Did an X-Men panel with Neal Adams, Chris Claremont and Bob Layout. Thought I was an odd choice to be on stage with such luminaries. Neal Adams was in rare form, he was cracking the audience up with his candor and wit.

I leave you with one of the convention sketch that I did at MegaCon. (I know it’s wrong but I thought it was funny.)

– –
Frank Cho


Variant Covers and Project Update

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Star Wars #1 store variant cover for
Frank Cho: Star Wars #1 store variant cover for “Cards, Comics & Collectibles” comic shop. Click to view full image

After a relaxing several days, things are picking up speed again. I’m in midst of working hard on “World of Payne” project with Tom Sniegoski, drawing few covers for Marvel, and writing “Skybourne”. Very busy week.

On the “Drawing Beautiful Women” book front, the crew at the Fleskes Publications are packaging up and mailing out the books at a nice and steady clip. The first big wave of books have been shipped out and the next wave of books will be shipped soon. So please be patient.

Picture of the day:
Here’s a work-in-progress/sketch of Star Wars #1 store variant cover for “Cards, Comics & Collectibles” comic shop in Reisterstown, Maryland. This issue with my cover will be out in January. “Cards, Comics & Collectibles” comic shop is the the only store that you can get Star Wars #1 with my cover.

– –