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Winter Projects

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Frank Cho skybourne concept art
Frank Cho: ‘Skybourne dragon’ pencils. Click to view full image

When I was a kid, I thought that time dragged on ever so slowly. Now as an adult, I marvel at the speed which time flies. I can’t believe it’s December and this year is almost over.

As ever, I’m in midst of several projects. None of them stressful as my last Marvel project but they are just as urgent. I’m bursting at the seams to finish and launch my two creator-owned projects: “World of Payne” with Tom Sniegoski and “Skybourne” in 2015. I’m using my winter down time between the two holidays to put in as much work into these two projects as possible.

Here’s the double page splash of “Skybourne” that’s currently on my drawing desk.

As sad I am to see 2014 end, I’m looking forward to the bright possibilities of 2015. Enough talk. Back to work for me.

– –


Cyclops Attack!

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Frank Cho skybourne cyclops
Frank Cho: Skybourne cyclops. Work in progress. Click to view full image

Holidays are over and I’m back on the clock. Gads, it feels good to get back on my regular work schedule again after many holiday and familial gatherings. Today, I’ve been working on two projects simultaneously – “World of Payne” and “Skybourne”.

Here’s a work-in-progress page from my “Skybourne” project. Yes, that is a cyclops. Yes, this book is gonna be crazy and entertaining. You can count on that.



Boom! Goes Skybourne.

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Frank Cho skybourne
Frank Cho: Skybourne. Interior page, inks. Click to view full image

Got off to a slow start this new year with all the snow delays, illnesses, and other random life events that just sucked up all my time. But I finally managed to find enough time to actually sit down and start writing and drawing my creator-owned projects.

I’ve been jumping between Skybourne and World of Payne projects the last several days which is just blissful. I even managed to finish one full page of Skybourne this weekend. Nothing like scratching an itch you wanted to scratch since Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can keep going and get several more days without any family commitments, weather delays or other random life’s curve balls that will keep me from my drawing desk.

Well, enough talk. I want to lay out couple more pages before I call it a night. Here’s to brighter and PRODUCTIVE new year.