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Muse Book 1

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Frank Cho - Muse 1 sketchbook cover
FRANK CHO – Muse 1 sketchbook cover – click to enlarge

As you may have heard, I had to retire “Sketches and Scribbles Book 6” abruptly. To replace it, I’ve decided to strip all the copyrighted character images out and replace them with my creator-owned characters and materials. The title of my brand new convention art book is called MUSE Book 1.

It’s debuting at Baltimore Comic Con, August 20 -21

MUSE Book 1 will have a very limited run of 1000 (signed and numbered). Also there will be a 16 page sneak peek of my new miniseries, “Guns and Dinos” in Muse Book 1. You’ve heard right. 16 ADVANCED PREVIEW PAGES of “Guns and Dinos”. Plus several new Brandy and Jungle Queen pin-ups will be featured in MUSE Book 1.

FYI: “Guns and Dino” is being launched by Image Comics in November 2011.

See you in Baltimore.

Frank Cho


Guns & Dinos #2 Cover Sketch

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

FRANK CHO Guns and Dinos #2 cover sketch
FRANK CHO Guns and Dinos #2 cover sketch – click to enlarge

Okay, I have to make this short. The power is blinking in and out all night courtesy of Hurricane Irene.

Here’s the cover sketch to “Guns and Dinos” #2. I’m still in the building phase so I’m not sure if the final cover image will look similar to this pencil sketch. I’m on the fence with this image. The idea and composition is sound but I’m not quite “feeling” it. I may completely redo the cover from scratch if I still don’t “feel” it by morning.

I hope the power holds out

Frank Cho


Guns & Dinos! When Dinos Attack!

Monday, September 5th, 2011

FRANK CHO Guns and Dinos #1 double page spread prelim
FRANK CHO Guns and Dinos #1 double page spread prelim – click to enlarge

I’ve spent most of the week scripting and drawing Guns & Dinos. The more I draw the more excited I get.

Those who’s been on my message board regularly know that I’ve been talking about “Guns & Dinos” for years. (And Dragon Lines, Zombie King, etc.) I’m just so damn excited that after over a decade of sitting on the fence with this project, I’m finally pulling the trigger. It’s so satisfying to finally put all the ideas and images on paper.

Anyway, here’s another sneak peek of issue one when the base first gets transported to the past, right in the middle of migrating triceratop herd as they are being attacked by a family of T-rex.


Frank Cho