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Conan sketch

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Frank Cho Conan sketch
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Illustrating in my pure pen and ink style

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Frank Cho - pen and ink preliminary
FRANK CHO pen and ink – click to enlarge

Sorry for the tardiness of today’s “Sunday Art Blog”. It’s been a hectic weekend playing with my daughters, reconnecting with my old friends and catching up on paying bills, etc.

I have a big project coming up which I’ll be illustrating in my pure pen and ink style. So I’ve decided to do some practice runs doing these elegant stand alone illustrations in that pure ink style, and show all the fans out there how I do these ink line drawings step by step.

This is pretty much step one. I draw the figure using several photo references and focusing heavily on the light and shadow. Once I’ve established the gray tones and the outline of the drawing, I start inking in the lines which I’ll show in my next Art Blog.

–Frank Cho



Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Frank Cho - Frankenstein pen and ink preliminary
FRANK CHO Frankenstein pen and ink – click to enlarge

Man, this thing has taken life of its own. Literally. What once was a simple exercise and demonstration on my pen and ink technique has turned into a major illustration.

I wasn’t too happy with the pencil composition and started toying with the figure work. Then it dawned on me. Since my ink style was inspired and influenced by the great Franklin Booth, who also inspired Bernie Wrightson on his masterful Frankenstein adaptation. Why not turn it into a Frankenstein illustration? So I added the Frankenstein figure in the back and the whole piece came together in an instant.

The scene is in the beginning of Chapter 23 where Dr. Frankenstein ‘s wife retires into her room for the night, only to be murdered by the Frankenstein monster awaiting inside.

I’ll start inking tomorrow and will show my inking process step by step.

–Frank Cho