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Louise Brooks

Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Frank Cho - Louise Brooks Frank Cho - Louise Brooks
Frank Cho - Louise Brooks Frank Cho - Wasp marvel Louise Brooks
Frank Cho – Louise Brooks – click on thumbs to enlarge

The topic of Louise Brooks came up this weekend and her exciting roller coaster life. Now, I’m a huge Louise Brooks fan since middle school when I first discovered her (and Bettie Page). To me, the three most iconic women of the 20th century were Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe and Louise Brooks. (Hell, I even recreated Wasp in Mighty Avengers in her image.)

Just talking about Louise Brooks and educating my friend about this forgotten silent film star brought back lot of memories of my youth, and my frustration for the lack of awareness by the general film fans of this tempestuous and self-destructive star.

Well, one thing led to another… It’s still very early in the development stage but I may be involved in creating a biographic graphic novel of Louise Brooks.

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