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Wolverine’s package

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008


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Many of you don’t know that I do lot of commercial work on the side – namely movie storyboards, concept art, script writing, gallery painting and now toy art.

This year, I had the good fortune and pleasure of working for Hasbro, illustrating the package art for their upcoming Marvel toy line. It was a fascinating and delightful experience, which I could do more in the future.

Here are couple of Wolverine art that I screwed up on. They were rejected simply that it didn’t fit on their specially designed package box.

— Frank Cho

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Hulk’n babes

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

frank_cho HULK RHULK

Here’s an another typical example of my pencil page.

I don’t do thumbnail drawings. I just go straight onto the final board and work out the kinks. If the page becomes a mess, I lightbox the parts I like onto another board and build upon that.

I’ll post the finished inked version Wednesday. You can really see the major modifications I made during the inking phase.

This is from the upcoming Hulk #9, Hulk versus The Lady Liberators!

— Frank Cho

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Frank Cho’s Hulk’n babes inks

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

frank_cho HULK RHULK

Here’s the final inked page of Hulk vs The Lady Liberators in Hulk #9.

I’ve made massive changes during the inking stage. I wasn’t too happy with the figure work and kept changing it until I shredded the paper from constant erasing.

Eventually I lightboxed the the figure I liked (HUlk) and rearranged the figures until I was happy with the layout.

— Frank Cho

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