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50 Girls 50 – Winner…

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Frank Cho 50 girls 50
The Winner of 50 Girls 50 and the runner-ups have been chosen yesterday.

Image Comics will make the official announcement in couple of days.

— Frank Cho

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New Superhero From Image

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Frank Cho - Brutal page 2 pencils
FRANK CHO – Brutal, Image Comics – click to enlarge

It’s been a very productive week for me – writing wise. The open space of my new house has got my creative juices going. I’ve been writing non-stop, jotting down ideas and plots for various stories that I’ve been thinking about for years.

One of the ideas is a new superhero that I’ve co-created with my buddy, Joe Keatinge. The working title is “Brutal”. This may change down the road but it aptly describes the tone of the book. More info as things unfold.

–Frank Cho


50 Girls 50 Launch Schedule!

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

FRANK CHO - 50 Girls 50 #01 Cover Art
FRANK CHO – 50 Girls 50 #01 Cover Art – click to enlarge

Well, it took over a year and countless hours of stress but “50 Girls 50” is ready to launch.

For those joining us late, “50 Girls 50” was an world-wide experimental talent search on the internet. I like to think of it as American Idol for Comic Book Artist. About a year ago, co-creator, Doug Murray, and I decided to have an open audition for comic book artist to illustrate our sci-fi story, “50 Girls 50”. The winner would get a shot at comic book stardom by being named the artist of “50 Girls 50” and paid a hefty page rate for drawing it.

The competition was fierce. Over 150 submissions were received. After weeks of deliberation, a small handful of extremely talented finalists were selected. All of them were at professional levels. From that pool of finalists, Axel Medellin was chosen the winner. And boy, Is Axel a winner. Not only is he very fast and skilled artist, he’s a great storyteller. Axel finished all 4 issues ahead of deadline.

The original plan was for me to coordinate and shepherd this project along from start to finish. However with my tremendous workload in comics, movies and video games, I could not devote the time to the project as I wished. So I had to give up my control and hand the helms over to another…

Enter Joe Keatinge, the Eisner and Harvey Awards winning editor of Image Comics “Popgun”. With Joe Keatinge, on board as the editor, Image Comics are in the final stages of publishing this new mini-series.

Here’s the publishing schedule of “50 Girls 50” mini-series.

#1 On Sale – 06/01

#2 On Sale – 07/06

#3 On Sale – 08/03

#4 On Sale – 09/07

Frank Cho