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War Heroes #3 – Cover by Frank Cho

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Here’s the variant cover to Mark Millar and Tony Harris’ sensational war comic book, War Heroes.

Millar and Harris are not pulling any punches.

War Heroes is a sick demented comic, and I love it. I was happy and excited that they asked me to grace their twisted comics.

War Heroes is published by Image Comics. Ask your local comic store to carry it.

Frank Cho

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Holy Cow! Has Hell frozen over?!

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Frank Cho, Cho Frank's art, Frank Cho Liberty Meadows
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Yes, here’s a sneak peek of the next issue of Liberty Meadows, or rather the making of one of the strips.

In this issue (LM #38), you guys are in for a treat. I’m using the rejected pilot script of Liberty Meadows animated show that I wrote. It was deemed too risqué and ultimately cut by the production company. I, however, disagree. So I’m showing it in its full glory.

Now, mind you. I have to edit some scenes since the humor works differently as static paper cartoon image and as moving animation. But I think I managed to capture the essence of the story by the strip shown here.

Enjoy, ladies.

— Frank Cho

Frank Cho, Cho Frank's art, Frank Cho Liberty Meadows
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50 GIRLS 50 – New book by Frank Cho & Doug Murray

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Frank Cho, 50 Girls 50, new series, Image comics, Dough Murray

“50 Girls 50” is a new book that I’m writing and designing with Doug Murray.

It’s a rip-roaring space adventure of an all female crew explorers.
Think “Star Trek” and “Quantum Leap” with a healthy dose of Wally Wood space girls.

This is the initial design of the main space suit. I’m still tweaking and having fun. More designs are on the way.

Look for a major announcement next month from Image Comics

— Frank Cho

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