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Frank Cho announces: LIBERTY MEADOWS Is Coming Back!!!

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Liberty Meadows - art  by Frank Cho
FRANK CHO – Liberty Meadows- click to enlarge

People have been asking me about the status of Liberty Meadows for awhile now. So today, I’m here to address that very question.

Yes, Liberty Meadows is alive and well. I’ve been quietly working on it since I got my rights back from Sony. Issue 38 will hopefully come out end of this year.

Let’s back track a minute. About 3 years ago, Sony got the rights to Liberty Meadows to develop it as a downloadable original cartoon series for their new Sony Digital division. I wrote the original pilot episode but it was rejected for being too “risque”. So other writers were brought in to tone it down and make it more kid friendly. Once I read the rewrite, I thought it completely missed the point of Liberty Meadows. So I rewrote the rewrite, and this went back and forth couple of times until we reached a compromised script. We turned that script into an traditional 2D animated pilot episode.

Enter Sony Television division. They saw the pilot episode and liked it. Liberty Meadows get bumped up to their television division and a TV series is planned. However there is one request, Sony Television people wanted Liberty Meadows to be more “risque” with adult humor like the “Family Guy”. This is the point where I rip my hair out in frustration. Sony Digital people rejected my original script for that very reason, for being too “risque”.

So I go back and re-polish the original script, adding more scenes to make it longer to fit the television episode time frame. As I’m doing this, a new Sony television contract is being drafted to replace my Sony digital contract. Then the recession hit. Then the three Sony executives who were shepherding this project along since the beginning leave Sony. The new guy who takes over have no interest in projects started by his predecessors. Thus Liberty Meadows TV show goes into limbo… and we wait and wait. Ultimately under the inactivity clause, all the Liberty Meadows rights revert back to me, and concludes my 2 year journey at Sony.

Now Liberty Meadows is back home, firmly under my complete control again.

Will I turn Liberty Meadows into a movie or a TV show? Sure, if the right offer comes along. However until that offer comes, I’m going to enjoy writing and drawing the next misadventures of Brandy and crew at Liberty Meadows with no suits looking over my shoulder telling me which market I should target.

Frank Cho



Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Guns and Dinos - art  by Frank Cho
FRANK CHO – Guns and Dinos – click to enlarge

I’m neck deep in preparation for the San Diego Comicon. One of the things on top of my list is “Guns and Dinos”. This is a story that I’ve been quietly writing on and off for the last 10 years or so.

The genesis of the story started with a single image. I think I was mowing the grass at the time when that single image came to me. (The colored image above is not that image. I’m going to show you the image at a later date.) Like Zombie King’s cow love scene, the entire story quickly formed around this single image. For years, I tweaked and tweaked the story. Constantly changing characters and minor things but always staying true to the original plot. Few times, I toyed with the idea of bringing in a co-writer and even hiring an artist. But I realized that if I wanted to tell this story right, I have to write and draw it myself.

So here I am, on the eve of San Diego Comicon, racing to get enough art done to announce it properly.

My goal right now is to finish the story and have it published by end of the year.

Frank Cho


Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

50 Girls 50 by Frank Cho, Doug Murray and Alex Medellin

5 page preview of 50 Girls 50 #4 (of 4) by Frank Cho, Dough Murray and Alex Medellin at

50 Girls 50 #4

Story by
Frank Cho, Doug Murray
Art by
Axel Medellin
Colors by
Nikos Koutsis, Mike Toris
Cover by
Axel Medellin
Image Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Wed, September 7th, 2011

THE END IS HERE! FRANK CHO (X-Men: Schism), DOUG MURRAY (The ‘Nam) and AXEL MEDELLIN (ELEPHANTMEN) bring the first chapter of the of the ESS Savannah saga to its epic conclusion as the crew unknowingly has a traitor within their ranks. Has their entire universe-spanning search for home been planned since the beginning? It’s looking like it and what results isn’t pretty.