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Astounding Wolfman #16 cover: pencils

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Frank Cho's Astounding Wolfman #16 cover
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People been asking about the pencils for the Astounding Wolfman cover that I did for my buddy, Robert “Git-R-Dun” Kirkman.

So here it is.

Notice all the changes that I made on the girl during the inking phase.

— Frank Cho

Astounding Wolfman #16 shipping is scheduled for early Summer ’09

See the inked cover HERE

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Frank Cho’s Jungle Girl V.2 #5 cover – pencils

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Frank-Cho Jungle Girl cover art pencils
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Here’ s the final cover for Jungle Girl Season 2.

Instead of doing another water scene, I decided to do something
different. Bring Jana back into the jungle.

I’m not too happy with the sabertooth yet. Probably going to do
another pass at it and polish it up a bit before inking. But I’m happy
at the overall design.

— Frank Cho

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Back Issue #43 cover art: a quick peek

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Frank_Cho Back_Issue_43 cover_art pencils
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Here’s a quick peek of the cover that I’m doing for “Back Issue” magazine. To be specific, “Back Issue” #43.

“Back Issue” is a magazine devoted to history of old comics, the characters, the original art and the creators who produced them. Very interesting and fun magazine for all you comic collectors out there.

“Back Issue” #43 will feature all the jungle characters from various companies including Sheena, Shanna, Kazar, Tarzan, etc.

The finished inked piece will be posted soon.

Frank Cho

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