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Frank Cho’s Hulk’n babes inks

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

frank_cho HULK RHULK

Here’s the final inked page of Hulk vs The Lady Liberators in Hulk #9.

I’ve made massive changes during the inking stage. I wasn’t too happy with the figure work and kept changing it until I shredded the paper from constant erasing.

Eventually I lightboxed the the figure I liked (HUlk) and rearranged the figures until I was happy with the layout.

— Frank Cho

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Original art (drawn on the rare Shanna print) for sale

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Frank Cho
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Welp, my bags are packed and I’m off to Emerald City Comicon in
Seattle, Washington.

Many may know that I don’t do sketches at conventions anymore due to
eBay art flippers. And quite frankly, I hate doing them. I rather meet
and talk with the fans than chained to a desk pumping out characters
that I have no desire to draw.

So like in the recent past, I’m bringing two original art (drawn on
the rare Shanna print) for sale. These are the only two art that I’ll
be selling at the show. ($1500 each.) So first come. First serve.

See you guys there.

— Frank Cho

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Frank Cho
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