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FUNDRAISING AUCTION: art on skateboard deck by Jim Lee, Frank Cho, Bruce Timm, Mike Mignola,Tommy Lee Edwards and Dave Johnson!!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Frank Cho, Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Bruce Timm, charity auction, eBay
click on image to visit the auction page on eBay

Hey Gang!

Now’s your chance to own a Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Dave Johnson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Bruce Timm original art!! And Power Girl art by moi.

This is for a good cause. It’s to help save an struggling art program.

Bid high. Bid often.

–Frank Cho

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San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Recap

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Frank Cho dinner at San Diego Comic Con 2015
Frank Cho and friends: dinner at San Diego Comic Con 2015. Click to view full image.

Whew. 2015 San Diego Comicon was a blast, but I’m glad that it’s over. I am now in complete recovery mode.

The whole week was a blur. My schedule was packed with business meetings and social calls. Without a new sketchbook to sell at my booth, I felt free and less stressed anchored to my table for a change. Several big things are coming down the pipeline for me. The big thing this year will be the Hulk for Marvel. After Hulk, I’ll be launching several creator-owned projects. (“Skybourne” to be published by BOOM! Studios, and “World of Payne” with Tom Sniegoski published by Flesk Publications.)

It was great seeing old and new friends. It was fun sharing an end cap booth with Geof Darrow, Alice Darrow (Good luck in Paris art school, kid), Mike and Christine Mignola, and Steve Purcell. Big thanks to Steve “Law Boy” Morger for organizing the endcap space for us, and to Brandon Peterson for splitting the room with me despite my snoring.

From start to finish, this year’s San Diego Comicon was monster. Although the show felt lighter with several big movie studios pulling out this time around, the crowd was unrelenting and massive as ever. I don’t have enough space to mention all my friends and events I attended, but I can say that this year’s San Diego Comicon was a better show than the last few. And I can’t wait to go back next year.

Picture of the Day: This is one of the few photos I took at the show. My fun dinner with (L-R) Jenny Newman, Grant Imahara, Joyce Chin, Arthur Adams, Bruce Timm, and me.

Lovely dinner and lovely people… except for Arthur Adams, who’s apparently having a stroke ;)

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