Savage Wolverine Hits

 Savage Wolverine art by FRANK CHO

FRANK CHO – Savage Wolverine art – click to view full image

I wanted to thank you all for picking up Savage Wolverine #1 and Women Book 2 art book this January. This past month has been one of the best and successful months I had in recent years. You guys rock.

Well, on the home front, I screwed up my back – BAD. (I threw out my back shovelling snow. Yes, I’m a pansy.) I’m still in pain but I’ve been recovering and improving with each new day. (I’m on some kick-ass pain meds and muscle relaxant.) Unfortunately, being unable to sit and draw, I lost some serious work time and now playing catch up. I’ve cancelled few long distance trips because of work and my back issue. I’ll post an updated convention list soon.

Until then, I leave you with this awesome Wolverine sketch.

Oh, don’t forget. Savage Wolverine #2 will hit the stores in couple of weeks.

– –
Frank Cho