Playing Catch Up – Black Cat and Jungle Queen

Frank Cho 'Black Cat' variant cover
FRANK CHO ‘Black Cat’ on Spider-Man variant cover – click to enlarge

After doing back-to-back conventions, Spectrum Fantastic Art Live and Big Wow Comic Fest, I’ve been playing catch up all week. I’ve been jumping around on “Guardians of the Galaxy” Annual #1, Spider-Man variant cover and “Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method” art instruction book. But I’ve been focusing mostly on Spider-Man cover and “Drawing Beautiful Women” book.

Here’s a sneak and partial peek of the two mentioned. Black Cat is part of the big Spider-Man variant cover I’m doing and the Jungle Queen is part of the chapter in the “Drawing Beautiful Women” book. Now Spider-Man cover is a store variant. I don’t know which store will carry this variant cover issue, nor do I know when it will be released. So please no questions about it until I find out.

That’s all for now, gang. Gotta get back to work. I’ll update you guys as things unfold. Talk to you on Wednesday.

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Frank Cho


Frank Cho 'Jungle Queen' art
FRANK CHO ‘Jungle Queen’ art – click to view full image