Orlando Mega Con This Weekend!!!

Jungle Queen: art by FRANK CHO

FRANK CHO – Jungle Queen – click to view full image

All right, gang. I’ll be at Mega Con in Orlando, Florida this weekend. It’s one of my favorite and go-to-shows of the year for me. Beth and Christine not only run a fantastic show, but their hospitality is unmatched. And the fans are just as awesome.


I’ve been getting lot of inquiries about my sketching status at the show. Yes, I’ll be doing highly polished convention commissions at Mega Con, and I have one spot left open. Again, only ONE SPOT LEFT!

Remember, I ain’t cheap. I’m charging $800 for a single full figure in PENCIL with minimun background.

However, I will autograph anything you bring to the table for free. So don’t be shy. Stop by my table and say hi.

I’ll see you at Mega Con this weekend.

Picture of the Day:

Here’s the finished image of my creator-owned Jungle Queen for the exclusive Big Wow Comic Fest hardcover art book. It’s colored by the talented John Rauch.

Big Wow Comic Fest will auction off the original art of this Jungle Queen pin-up soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

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Frank Cho