Lobo Sketch

Frank Cho: Lobo pencil sketch
– FRANK CHO: Lobo pencil sketch – click to view full image –

Things are settling down nicely after a hectic summer. I’ve been relaxing and catching up on my reading.

I’ve recently dug up my old collection of the Keith Griffen-Alan Grant-Simon Bisley’s Lobo run at DC Comics from the 1990’s. I forgot how much fun I had reading this back in college.

The real draw for me was Simon Bisley’s amazing and kinetic artwork in that series. Bisley just owned that character from start to finish.

So when I heard that DC is revamping and bringing the Lobo character back, I was pretty excited and curious… until I saw the costume redesigns. Although the new designs look solid, I’m not sure it’s the right look for LOBO.

Oh, well. I always will have Bisley’s LOBO to read.

– –
Frank Cho