Frank Cho’s Next Four Creator-Owned Projects

Frank Cho skybourne concept art
Frank Cho: ‘Skybourne’ concept art . Click to view full image

Welcome to my super late Sunday Art Blog. (Two days late, I know.) Things got out of hand this weekend with various matters and I couldn’t do the blog until now.

Today, I’m going to reveal my next 4 creator-owned projects as I throw my hat back into the creator-owned project ring. Some projects you may know and some you may not know. I have roughly 10 creator-owned projects that I want to publish in the next 5 years. Two projects per year. Except for couple, all are self contained mini-series.

1) “Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method” – Finished and at the printer. Out in stores November 2014. Published by Flesk Publications.

2) “World of Payne” by me and Tom Sniegoski. Spring 2015. Publisher to be announced.

3) “Skybourne”, story and art by me. Fall 2015. Publisher to be announced. (Hopefully in Baltimore Comicon in two weeks.)

4) “Guns & Dinos”, story and art by me. Spring 2016. Publisher Delcourt and Image Comics.

In the coming months, I’ll showcase some advance pages from my various creator-owned projects. Today’s image is from my sketchbook that I sometimes carry around, scribble and jot down story ideas. I’ve thumb nailed and sketched out various scenes from “Skybourne”. These are cover ideas and the thumbnail for the very first page of “Skybourne”.

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