Frank Cho - Frankenstein pen and ink preliminary
FRANK CHO Frankenstein pen and ink – click to enlarge

As many of you know who read this blog, what started as a simple exercise-demonstration of my inking technique has morphed into a major illustration piece.

I often redraw and change things around throughout the drawing process. If something doesn’t look right, I change it until I get it right (or abandon the piece completely). As you can clearly see, I’ve completely redrawn the Frankenstein Monster in the background even after the inking process has started. I may still change it until the very last ink line is laid.

The inking process is a simple one. I start with the items in the extreme foreground and work my way back. Since the dress is in the foreground, I started inking that first. Following the value of light and shade, I lay in thick ink lines for areas that are in shadow and lay in thin ink lines for areas that are light.

The slant of the ink lines are spontaneous. Most of the lines are laid out with no real planning. I try to follow the form and the flow of the figure. Be sure to add an odd slant of ink lines in large areas of same patterned lines. This will break up the monotonous nature of the line work and add life to the piece.

More in few days.

–Frank Cho