Charlotte Heroes Comic-Con 2013

Frank Cho jungle queen
– FRANK CHO: Jungle Queen – click to view full image –

Fun but very unusual show so far. Heroes have expanded their show floor and the aisles are wide and easy to navigate. The fans are great as usual but the overall feel of the show was different. The lobby bar at the hotel was packed every night with fun people and lively conversations.

Few things of note happened:

1) I signed my first boob of the convention season. A lovely gal with a great sense of humor and body.
2) I signed my second butt at the show for the year. (Jen you are a dynamite gal through and through. Ben is a lucky guy to have you.)
3) A hairy guy dressed as Wonder Woman wanted to kiss me but we settled for a hearty handshake during a photo op.
4) There was a Republican Party convention happening at the same time as the comic convention. There were funny insults thrown from both parties throughout the weekend. (Never seen so many hot young women married to so many old white guys. Yes, money DOES matter.)

I’m going into the show late today. (Sunday.) Been feeling sick all morning. I’ve been fighting convention crud since Saturday.

Art of the Day:
One of the commissions from the show. Jungle Queen Vs Crab.

– –
Frank Cho