Big Wow Inking Panel – Frank Cho Inks Jim Lee’s Batman

Jim Lee's Batman, inks by Frank Cho
Jim Lee’s Batman, inks by Frank Cho – click to enlarge

I can’t believe Big Wow Comic Fest at San Jose is just days away. I’ve got so many crap to take care of and prepare before the convention.
I’m doing couple of big art class/panels at the show. First being, my drawing class and second is the inking panel.

Big Wow Comic Fest has an unique and highly interactive inking panel.
This is a brain child of Steve “Law Boy” Morger. Instead of talking about the inking process, why not show it. Various comic professionals and guests at the show are provided with penciled art copied on blue
line paper, and asked to ink the penciled image in their style.
Penciled pieces range from the past legends, late Dave Stevens and John Buscema, to current superstar, Jim Lee.

These inked pieces are shown side-by-side with the penciled image, and analyzed by the artists and fans alike. Fans can see the dramatic transformation from the pencil stage to the finished inked stage. The
discussions are lively and insightful. It’s often one of the highlights of Big Wow Comic Fest.

Here’s me inking over the Jim Lee’s bad-ass Batman pencil art.

The great part is that all the inked pieces are auctioned off at the end of the convention. Fans can own an original art by their favorite artists for cheap.

You can see all the inked pieces for this inking panel at Big Wow Comic Fest here:

Frank Cho

Jim Lee's Batman, pencils
Jim Lee’s Batman, pencils – click to enlarge