ANNOUNCED! Top ten finalists for 50Girls50’s prospective artist job

50girls50, contest entry submitted by Tommaso Renieri

source: CBR

Up next was Frank Cho, who announced his upcoming Image title “50 Girls 50” at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year. Cho is co-writing the four issue series as well as providing covers and the overall design, but he will not be providing interior art due to other commitments — which is why he announced a talent search earlier this year at San Diego.

Keatinge announced that the ten finalists for “50Girls50’s” prospective artist job are Alex Medelin, Allan Otero, Andrew Paul, Brett Barkley, Dagu Yu, Erich Owen, Joel Carpenter, Kame House, MILX and Tommaso Renieri. The winner will be announced at the end of the month.

“It’s kind of like ‘Star Trek,'” Cho described of the plot as he showed each of the prospective artists’ try-out pages. “The earth is dying and an all-female crew is looking for different planets for resources to save earth. They’ve found a wormhole that only women can go through — guys with the Y chromosome die during the trip — so that’s why all the crew are women. Hence, ’50Girls50.'”

Frank Cho said that the book would most likely launch in the Spring of 2010.