50 Girls 50 by Frank Cho, Doug Murray and Alex Medellin

5 page preview of 50 Girls 50 #4 (of 4) by Frank Cho, Dough Murray and Alex Medellin at www.CBR.com

50 Girls 50 #4

Story by
Frank Cho, Doug Murray
Art by
Axel Medellin
Colors by
Nikos Koutsis, Mike Toris
Cover by
Axel Medellin
Image Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Wed, September 7th, 2011

THE END IS HERE! FRANK CHO (X-Men: Schism), DOUG MURRAY (The ‘Nam) and AXEL MEDELLIN (ELEPHANTMEN) bring the first chapter of the of the ESS Savannah saga to its epic conclusion as the crew unknowingly has a traitor within their ranks. Has their entire universe-spanning search for home been planned since the beginning? It’s looking like it and what results isn’t pretty.